June 2, 2009


It's raining today, so vegging out from my heavy gardening endeavors. My older body needs time-outs these days to recoup. My last post mentioned company: two nephews with the one's newly married bride, along with Travis and Sarah. Travis took pictures and I like this one of my boyfriend - I love my husband!

Monte is flying out soon to Austin and driving with Heather and little 4 month old Will to Evergreen. Heather will be staying here at home for most of the summer - getting out of that TX heat! Being here, I will definitely get pictures!

Our neighbor has let us use their water for our lower garden and we share the garden with them, tho they've not used it for several years. I've been planting more fruiting bushes and trees. Asparagus and rhubarb are there. It's got a 6 foot fence to keep out the elk. I'm doing more veggies up by the house now. WELL ... this neighbor now has kids. Heather nannied for them before she married. Now that they want to garden this year, Monte and me spent the other morning putting stakes by all the bush/trees and decorative fencing around the lower plants like strawberries, so the little running bodies don't trample things. As I was weeding, planting, and trimming things the other day, I could hear little kid voices wafting up from that garden, a pleasant sound. They are very pregnant with their third - all miracle kids having spent thousands to get pregnant (and some of us praying). 

Heather will have a nice summer!

Dawson has definitely begun summer vacation with a constant flow of young people here. Sunday evening I walked into the kitchen to find two young ladies I don't know pulling out groceries for supper, for them and others coming - I did not know about this happening! I think the plan was to cook over a campfire and hang out there, but when it gets cloudy here, it cools off dramatically at 8000 feet! - and it had started raining. So Monte and me vacated to our bedroom to watch a movie and they played games into the night. I was so glad the following morning to see that they had cleaned everything up - that's nice!

Later ...
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