May 13, 2009

Tulips and Mud

Not much happening calendar-wise for Calendar Girl me. That is, nothing important to me with a story that touches me. But the race is on with the calendar and the gardening season - that's where my heart is right now.

We got to name the road we live on, which is Singing Springs Lane. We sing, and there's lots of springs around our property. Some of the springs only show up with excavation and spring snow melts ... like now.

Dawson had finished the rock work around the hot tub, and I've got plants to plant there in the greenhouse. But the ground is still oozing and it's soup. So for the future, Monte wants to put in gravel and a drainage pipe. It'll be in limbo for awhile.

Tarda tulips are blooming. I'd plant tons of tulips because I love them, but hybrid tulips don't last long. Tarda tulips are the original wild tulips that all the others have been developed from.

I have so much weeding to do. There are thousands! of these baby weeds - not sure what they are. Could have come from last year's gypsophilia is all I can think of.

Planted some nursery potted raspberries yesterday. We've got lots of wild raspberries around, but I'm wanting to see what other raspberries will do. While there in the garden, I picked green onion stalks and asparagus to eat together while working.

Did I say I'm trying sweet potatoes this year? I do already have regular potatoes in pots and the first batch is almost to the top of the pot already, with the addition of soil as they grow. Well, I got some sweet potato slips and decided to try them in pots. I couldn't find any info about doing them that way. But they vine and flower like morning glories, so I thought I'd put bamboo poles in them. And from reading, I'm guessing the tubers just grow down like most root plants and not up, like potatoes. We'll see. When all set up, I'll post pictures.

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