May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Hardy woman to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the next 40-50 years. Successful application will demonstrate excellence in cooking, cleaning, shopping, washing, ironing, mending, folding, sorting, dusting, polishing, scrubbing, budgeting, and decorating. Ability to bear children and get up several times a night to walk a crying baby, a definite plus. Knowledge of basic first-aid, how to fix a boo-boo, kiss an owie, make a tourniquet, and beat a fast path to the nearest emergency room. Must know how to celan an oven, get a grape juice stain out of a beige carpet, and what to do about bubble gum in the baby's hair. Must be willing to taxi offspring to and from school activities, music lessons, friend's houses, band practice, sporting events, part-time jobs, the mall and so forth. Salary nonnegotiable - actually nonexistent. Fringe benefits include hugs and kisses.

I answered this add. I chose this lifestyle. I'm in year 34 of the years mentioned. This add is how I start my HomeMaking Beyond Maintenance workshop.

Thinking of MOMS today.

Monte and me are going to Travis and Sarah's to celebrate. And then we're helping them put in their garden.

Hats is what I think of ... All the hats we wear. I'm a Domestic Engineer!

"God did not call me to be successful. God called me to be faithful."
- Mother Teresa

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