May 20, 2009

KONOS and Jessica

Since Monday, I've been reliving many memories.

I homeschooled my children. They never went to a school until college. I primarily used the KONOS character trait, unit study curriculum. I was a KONOS rep for 10 years, but actually started selling it earlier, do to my excitement, after I first bought it in 1985 from Carol Thaxton, one of the authors. I so believed in it and loved it (I still do - and will never get rid of it - it's such a great resource/reference)! I could go on-and-on about the curriculum ... konos is Greek for "cone", the curriculum is Christian based, seeing God at the top of an inverted cone, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all of life (including the integration of typical school subjects). We utilized library books (living books) rather than textbooks (dead?books)(and I could go on-and-on about that too - primarily along the lines of first-hand knowledge and living vs second or third-hand info/knowledge). As a rep, it meant I traveled all over talking to hundreds of people - at conventions, and doing workshops ... which led to Monte and me speaking as keynotes, and at churches and camps.

The other author of KONOS is Jessica Hulcy. Monday morning a volunteer firetruck broadsided her, and she is in the hospital. An MRI is giving us hope. There's a site for checking on Jessica and all:

KONOS was another family to me. We as reps from all over the country met together regularly, both at the Hulcy's home and our home. We hosted a KONOS reps family camp for four years
(I'd often have nightmares worrying that I didn't have enough food or beverages for everyone), and "The Dads" KONOS video was recorded here at our home. We had so much fun together and intense conversations! I don't think we could live close together without burn-out.

Dawson was so young at the time and always dirty. I used to tease that he was like pig-pen in Charlie Brown with a dirt cloud around him, cuz he always left little piles of dirt behind, even when I knew he was clean (like even in airports on our way to Florida). Jessica was forever carrying around a wash cloth wiping the kids clean, especially Dawson. There was a video crew here that year. The kids will still joke about dumping the chicken bucket (now the compost bucket) and the camera person not getting it right and wanting it dumped again for a re-take. We'd sing around a campfire, play volleyball, the kids would do music, and do a talent show. Jessica had everyone organized with a chore chart. Monte always planned a treasure hunt out-of-doors utilizing orienteering skills.

Monte always went to these meetings too - so only the Hulcy boys, Wade Hulcy, and Monte - amongst all these women. These were the women involved in the beginnings of the homeschool movement - the trailblazers - the ones involved with the beginnings of state laws being formed favorable to homeschooling. Monte went with me everywhere (he's the extrovert - and more talkative), he wrote songs, and would inspire everyone with his infectious passions. But the primary passionate one is Jessica!!!! In doing a fun personality test, Jessica comes out as an extreme Lion (as too Monte)! She's a dynamic visionary, a loquacious genius, a very fun person ... and I could go on-and-on about her (Monte could write this particular post better than me - with more and better memories! - but then he can be wordy - he's actually quite the story-teller).

Jessica and the Hulcy men need prayers. I'm remembering and praying.

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