January 11, 2009

Velveteen House III

I'm all packed. Monte and me are flying out tomorrow morning to Texas to stay with Heather and await their baby. We're wanting to be there sooner than later, since Bill is being redeployed to Iraq for his fourth time, before the baby is due.

Yesterday, I had a felting class all day. I've not done one all day there before. It worked! Customers at the shop were very interested in what we were doing, and there may be demands for more classes. One of my students printed "Birth Certificates" for all the students to fill out and keep, since the main part of the class is creating a 'person' - I was to sign it as the 'Midwife'. That student originally came thinking she was going to create a Molly. "But they often create themselves" I said, "and what if 'it' wants to be someone else, and you are not letting it be itself?!" Her person altered to a Priscilla, and finally an Ethel (really hilariously cute - I took a picture of it with my iPhone).

This morning we put meat in the crockpot and got out tortillas, chilies, etc from the freezer. Travis and Sarah arrived this late afternoon with three other couples, to go skiing in the morning. Dawson will take us to the airport, rent telemark skis, and join them skiing.

Good thing we keep pads in the bunk house for overflow of sleepers. So a couple is in the guest room, another in the laundry room, another in the living room and another in the great room.

They basically threw the supper together (and cleaned up) while I was finishing up laundry and packing. Now extrovert Monte is visiting with them while they play a game.

I'll be writing from Heather's. How will upper 50's - low 60's feel with 90% humidity (what to pack)? I plan on cooking simple, exercising - like walking Max the dog a lot (my exercise belly-dance DVD didn't come), reading, and knitting. Heather wants me to help her look at her home and help organize it better and make it cozy. Monte will do some geology and not be able to stay as long as me. 

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