January 21, 2009

Happenings, and Still No Baby

Okay, I'm sore (actually better now that I sat knitting watching a good oldie movie). I painted all the parts of 4 windsor style chairs and table dark olive green. Tomorrow I'll finish up the flat horizontal surfaces blue. My getting-older-body does not straighten as easy after scrunching and sitting and stretching in all sorts of angles. Gotta finish before it might rain Friday.

Rain? That means the barometer will be changing ... that's one of those possibilities for bringing on babies. Monte left this morning for a few days, so it's me that'll be off to the hospital with Heather (the military hospital is only 1/2-1 mile away). So every night before we go to bed I think about clothes, phone and camera in purse, and my knitting ready.

Heather has a piano. At home she used to play the piano almost daily, so we knew it would be something that she'd really enjoy this year, and Bill wanted her to have one too. Monte and me had seen a decent one, minus a bench, at a second hand store ... is it okay? ... then the hassle of getting it here ... So Sunday morning at church Monte talked with the pianist (Heather sometimes went to her house to play her piano), she called us while we were eating out after church, with a phone number of an older man she's used for piano tuning for years. Monte called him. He had gotten a good piano in the day before, tho he no longer has his store. We went and looked at it with Heather Monday. It had a cute little screw up piano seat. And you know what?! He was coming to the base the next day to tune all the school's pianos while the kids were on break! So Heather got her piano the next day! 

Gotta let the dog Max in for the night and go to bed. Oh ... while painting, besides listening for a dove (I finally did hear one, but there's so much excavation for a new neighborhood nearby all you hear the most of is the back-up beep-beeps of trucks and tractors)(Heather's got a large "live"[green year round] oak tree in the front yard with lots of birds), I was analyzing the social psychology of dogs in a neighborhood of many dogs - at what do they bark?!
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