January 27, 2009

Happenings, and Still No Baby

I just came back to my computer to look for the Roasted Brussel Sprout recipe I often do. Though I could search for it, it's easiest to look at my blog, where I posted it in 2007 November.

Heather's not had her baby yet. We've heard probably all the wives tales. Don't think we'll do the castor oil Kerry; we have been walking most everyday, sometimes with errands, but a brisk walk in her neighborhood, sometimes with her dog, every other day. Habaneros Travis? Heather says "NO"! (She did have some spicy Chipotle food Sunday.) She still does her exercise video too, since it helps her back.

I've started sewing her window valances/curtains. The rods (and blinds) are already there (everything is white!), and I just want to add some color! When I get some of them done, I'll post more pictures. I did get her bed skirt done. I'm still organizing her craft/sewing stuff. The rest of the house, with her knowing where all is filed, Bill's tools are and what some of them might be needed for, instructions on all appliances and baby stuff in one place ... and the kitchen, are all pretty much organized and functioning well.

Now I've been cooking large-amount suppers so I can freeze some extra meals for her. Bill is over in Kuwait for a bit and calls Heather daily, sometimes twice a day, and emails a lot. Once he gets his headphones mailed to him, they can do the camera thing and 'talk' to one another. We joke about having the baby on her lap so he sees and hears "Dada".

Weather report? Last Thursday and Friday when I was outside painting, it was pleasantly in the upper 70's, low 80's - I loved it! (It's been freezing in Evergreen and snow showers.) BUT now, here in mid-Texas this week, it's cloudy, drizzly, and cold! Looks to be sunny after today. Good, or I'd get that SAD depression.
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