September 25, 2007


In the recipe I just posted, I used up the last of my cilantro from the garden. BUT...

I've cleaned my southern exposure great-room window of it's old scruffy plants and washed everything down. I've potted up all sorts of herbs to grow all winter. I only dug up two herbs from outside, but bought everything else.
Plants brought in always get aphids.

I dug up an epazote I had out with the tomatoes and basil. I hope it doesn't get bugs. The nursery won't get it again till next spring. It's used in some authentic Latin American recipes, like with beans. When I dried some, I had to smell the packaged bit I still had from Arizona, to see if they were the same. They were. It smells really weird! I also dug up a bunch of chives. I can't imagine them getting bugs!

I do have other pots of herbs in the greenhouse that I had outside - they'll stay in the greenhouse. I've been bringing in flowers from outside too. I do this every year and they last most of the winter. But I do have to spray them with Safe Soap. But next spring I just replant these pots with new annuals for the deck, and some of last year's are still living.

I have a grape vine in the greenhouse that's loaded with hanging clusters of Thompson Seedless Grapes. We've been eating them and will put the clusters in ziplock bags and freeze. Then you just eat some 'grape popsicles'. The grape vine grows along wire fencing we hang from the ceiling. It eventually shades the greenhouse from the intense summer sun.

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