September 4, 2007

backpacking and bed

I need to go to bed.

Did I mention backpacking in my earlier today posting? I did. I went with Monte, and Dawson's friend Gary, and his girlfriend Splara's family of 5. I survived (though I am sore). We went for two nights over this past Labor Day weekend.

We live where people want to vacation! So I've decided to stay put during the summer.

We used to camp a lot to get out of the desert heat. I don't mind camping. I just don't like the hiking that backpacking usually means, and with everything on our backs. I'll sleep on the ground and in a tent, but I like some comforts of food and table and chairs, that camping near our vehicle provides. I don't want to forever sit and cook on logs and rocks. I always felt this way, but I am older now!

We didn't need to drive far, and hiked in about 4 miles (on the shoulder of Mt Evans for those of you wanting bearings). I can go forever on pretty level ground, but my legs do not like to go uphill for long. This was almost beyond my ability (Monte's proud of me, and thinking I'm not in too bad of shape!). My dear Monte gets philosophical, and talked my ear off behind me, which was romantic, and probably a good distraction.

I had to stop!!!! at one point, which was good, since we decided to take out our rain gear and take a drink. It then started to rain hard, so we nestled under a clump of trees. At 10 or 11 or 12,000 feet (Monte where were we?), that can be COLD. It made it better for finishing the hike.

The kids had been putting up the tents before we got there, and I changed clothes immediately. I saw the hypothermia potential and teased the kids (you know...the need for 2 naked bodies together for warmth!). Dawson right away heated Gator Aid!

It continued drizzling into the evening. Not fun. Our bedding had gotten damp in the hike. A fire did get going, but with nothing else to do, us adults went to bed early (can we stay asleep for 12 hours?!!). But we did sleep, not knowing the time, there was an in-between-time of awakeness (bookends of sleep). And we were warm.

No rain the rest of the time...or we'd gone home!! While most went hiking (uphill again) to go fishing at a special lake, I did a 'fungi photo shoot' of probably 100 pictures. Two things here: there's been lots of rain this year for lots of varieties of mushrooms, AND I have a new Canon Elph camera I need to explore. I actually was reading the manual in camp!

So...I loved my backpacking french-press coffee-maker Monte got me. We accidentally left my chair behind, and the walking sticks Monte wanted to try (but he carved some for the hike back). AND, I told him, as empty-nesters, I'll do this with him the rest of our lives together...just not lots of hiking or lots of up-hills!!!!!!!!!

Now I have to go to bed!!
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