September 2, 2012


Beautiful! Fermenting veggies in Pickl-It jars

Earlier ferments - Bing Cherry Chutney on the left

I'm having a blast learning to ferment foods. I can't take the time to tell you all the reasons why fermented foods are so important in our diet. If you google the subject you'll find tons of articles about it. I will post about the whys eventually. For now, I'm just excited to share pictures of my stuff. It's so pretty ... and tasty. All I'll say for now is that it's a very old traditional process in all cultures around the world. Our modern pickling with vinegar, as well as our modern preservation with canning, is not traditionally old-style - and not as healthy.

From left to right in the top photo is: beet kvass, spicy grated zucchini, dilly green beans, garlic sauerkraut using 1/2 red cabbage (on my second batch), the best fresh salsa (on my second batch), turnips and beets, kimchi (a second batch too and my favorite!). The first's of the above are in the cellar (excepting the salsa which we've consumed) along with a rhubarb chutney. These fruit chutneys are not sweet but savory.

Finished ferments vacuum sealed to go into cold storage
I'll post more details later. We finished off our root/wine cellar better this summer, so that is the "cold storage" where I'm putting these rejarred and vacuum sealed finished ferments. I'll take pictures of the cellar soon and post.

The quart jars to the right in the last picture are cultured dairy I strained for it's whey, then squashed into balls and are covered with virgin olive oil. The balls did not stay intact, but it's preserved and tastes so good added to salads or spread on artisan bread.

Use of all these things is what I also want to post about. It's all fine and fun to dehydrate, freeze, and ferment stuff ... but you've got to use them!

Current Note (10/20/2015): It's 3 years later. What do I still like? Or moreso, what do we find ourselves actually still using and eating?! I find I can only eat so much, and so much variety is overwhelming! Sauerkraut is number 1, and easiest and most liked to eat. I do really like kimchi, but still, not in the habit of eating it. I have very few recipes using the preserved lemons, but they are SO good, and seem to last well, so I don't make much. The fruit ferments we don't really like, excepting the cranberry one I've done other posts on. It keeps really well too. I typically freeze green beans, but as a ferment, the dilly beans are good. And whenever I'm going to do a veggie tray for gatherings, I'll start them with brine and spices, a few days before - I've posted on this too. And last, but not least, I prefer brined cucumber pickles to typical vinegar processed pickles! They keep well too - a little foggy brine as they age hurts nothing and is the norm. A friend has told me I really need to be making my own Apple Cider Vinegar. "So easy," she says. I do use it all the time - especially in my homemade salad dressings, which we eat a lot! We'll see. Our little local natural grocery store we go to regularly is carrying more and more ferments, so I'll occasionally try variety that way. Like I really like a green chile pepper spread on sandwiches . . .

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