July 17, 2012

Raspberries in the Freezer

Raspberries frozen first on cookie sheets

My earliest Raspberries to harvest and freeze are wild ones. My earliest perennial bed Monte made for me had dirt brought from our woods and the raspberries sprouted from that dirt. Since they produce well in that spot, I let them exist and am picking them when peonies are blooming.

I thought our wild raspberries were everbearing, but found out "Wrong" when one year I cut them all back in the fall and got no berries the next year. I now have everbearing raspberries which produce later in the summer. So now I have two harvests, or almost a constant supply of raspberries from mid July till frost.

To freeze berries spread them on cookie sheets first and freeze, then bag them up and put back in the freezer, labeled. We mainly eat our frozen fruit for breakfast with homemade yogurt and dairy kefir, soaked and dried cereal or oatmeal.

Emery eating raspberries "Papa" picked for him

I met my son Travis, Sarah, Emery and Scout at the zoo. Monte had picked some raspberries into a small container for me to take to Emery. Emery shared his raspberries from "Papa" with everyone.
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