July 30, 2012

Mid Summer Gardens

Thompson Seedless grapes in greenhouse. LOTS of clusters this year!

Thompson Seedless grape cluster in my greenhouse

Veggie Garden view of our house

Garlic Scapes

Chipmunk planted Sunflower from birdseed

Heirloom Black Hollyhocks

Heirloom Black Hollyhocks and Raspberries

Wildflower Garden view of house

Veggie Garden view to north

Swiss Chard


Wlidflower Garden Stump

Wildflower Garden view south

Tomatoes in Spiral Bed

Spiral Bed


Catmint, etc, and Dawson's metal fence he made me

Herb Garden view of back of house - Clematis blooming

Our "Scarecrow"

Deck by hot-tub 

Rose Campion

Looking north

See chicken coop?

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