February 25, 2012

Needle Felting Class

Needle Felted Gnome

I taught another needlefelting class - this one in one day, rather than dividing it up into 4 evening once a week classes. Everyone is different and I love seeing the differing personalities created!

I did the typical starting out with doing a flat picture so they could get used to the barbed needles. I should have taken pictures of them. Once they were well along and could fine tune them at home to their heart's content, we started on three dimensional wool sculpting.

I always have them start with the head, then the body and attach it to the head and then clothe it. I have them think about whether it'll sit or hang from a wall. Standing is harder - the legs and torso need to be heavily needled so stiff enough to stand. That would take more time.

They start out with a slight idea of what they want - usually a female. But as they go along, usually the face will take on a personality and lets you know it wants to be a male, or a fairy, or a gnome, or old, or young ...

The next one is the one I made as we worked the stages together. Since everyone pretty much goes with flesh tone wool, I choose to go out of the box with working with another color. I actually love this creature! I love it's expression.

My needle felted example unfinished - but I love it so far!
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