February 25, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts

It says it all!
What to make (I always go there first before considering buying something) for a new baby boy? Typical me, I googled it. Lots of fun ideas, but I settled on the PeePee TeePee for WeeWee idea. How did we survive baby boy diaper changing without them? Not necessary, I know. But I thought, "how cute and fun is that?"! I saw them online for sale with a bag for around $10. I used markers for the words on the bag and sewed a channel for a drawstring closure when hemming the top. My time? Maybe 1 hour. That's easier for me than driving out shopping or needing to plan ahead and order online.

when I sew I always start another seam so no thread tails to cut off
I drew a 7" diameter circle using a small plate on flannel material. I folded the circles in half, right sides together, sewing around, leaving an opening for turning right-side-out. You could cut your circles in half, using differing flannel designs or colors for variety if you want. Once turned out just sew the opening closed as you sew the two sides into a cone. I think I did an extra step, probably unnecessary, I sewed a 1/8" seam around the circle edge of the turned out piece. I was thinking of lots of washings and wondering if it needed this for keeping it's shape. Someone would need to tell me since I don't use them. 

And too, if there's a young sibling, I think they should have a gift to open! This baby boy has a 4 or 5-year old sister, so I made her a bracelet. Years ago a necklace craft was popular: sew a fabric tube, turning right side out, and insert marbles or beads into the tube, separating them by a pony bead. I didn't do any clasp closure, but left a longer tube tail for tying.

fabric bracelet or necklace

You need to measure the diameter of your marbles or beads for the fabric tube diameter. Sewing a 1/4" seam with right side enclosed, I think I cut the fabric strip about 2" wide. If making a necklace, lots of marbles can get heavy, so cheap wooden balls or beads are better, I think (I've not priced marbles). When I did the necklaces years ago I used the marbles for some weight, but also used a wad of stuffing occasionally.

Insert beads and thread beads knotting ends when done
Any kinds of spacer-type beads can be used as long as the fabric can thread through. There's lots of possibilities - like dangling charms ...

The little girl loves her bracelet. I also tye-dyed a baby onesie for him too - maybe more useful than the tee-pees ...

There's a fulfillment in making things. Crafting moments open up an energy door for me.
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