September 24, 2009

Words and Nerds

Am I a geek or a nerd? What's the difference? I think I'm a nerd.

I wasn't feeling so well (or good?) yesterday so I was laying prone or prostrate (hmm, both those word's definitions say "laying face downward" - forget that) on the couch most of the day tho (though) I did get up to put wood in the stove since it was cloudy and raining/slushing/snowing off-and-on all day (maybe three days of gray [or is it grey - what do you use?] are getting to me!). I guess I was under the weather!

So what did I do all day? I've had this list I've developed of apps people like for their iPhone. I researched them and downloaded what I thought I'd use.

Words again ... when do we use the word download vs upload?

I'm hooked! I spent the rest of the evening into night playing Boggle on my iPhone and this morning I inputted what I ate: for tracking food calories, fat ... nutrients, and exercise. I can file any notes, help with grocery or any other lists, look for recipe ideas including my own I've input into a recipe box for when I'm not at home, identify flowers, birds, and stars, read various Bible translations, and secure important data and passwords, listen to the radio or NPR ... how's about Scrabble?

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