September 11, 2009

Heather and Will

Little Will has just started eating solid foods. I've been taking short movie's of him. So since I was able to post one of my movies this morning I'm going to try another tonight of Will eating. I've not been able to email them to his dad who's in Iraq, so maybe Bill can see them here. And I've got one more week to capture things before Monte drives them back to Texas for a couple months.

I want to capture him saying "Dadadada..." and giggling ... He's quite the thinker. He watches our mouths making sounds and we can see his mouth trying to copy the same motions. Will's 7 months old now.

I give up ... for now ... it's taking too long to upload. I think I've got to figure out how to post to uTube first, cuz their videos are longer and yet upload ok.

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