March 21, 2009


I'm so enjoying my new stereo. Gone is Dawson's yard sale receiver we've been using for years. I swear the tuning knob had invisible hands periodically turning it! Gone is the old cassette player that squealed. Travis will tell you cassettes are dead, but not for me. I listen to tons of audio books as I work. The car CD player we'd been using croaked too. I am getting an ipod dock, but I'm not in the ipod world yet. When library books download to an ipod, then I will. But you probably are asking, what about music?

I'm weird. Yes, I listen to music, but classical. I rarely listen to music with words. It's too busy for me. I have to focus so, to take in both - it exhausts me. Even in highschool, when my friends had all the songs memorized, I didn't, I couldn't. Something in my brain begins to get lost in the music and I don't hear the words. Most opera is not in english and the voices are other 'instruments' providing more varying harmony, so I don't mind opera. And I told Travis I liked rap in French, cuz there again, the words are just additional rhythm. 

So just classical music for me and audio books. I fell in love with audio books when Dawson was young. We always looked for audio story for our kids, and finally that market grew beyond Burl Ives and Little Marcy - Calvary Chapel in California, with their kid productions, and the Odyssey stories ... Dawson's education came primarily from audio. He was too busy to sit still and learn (he would have been drugged in school), so I found all I could in audio form for him. He drug his cassette player all over!

Well I'm off. Off to work outside, along with my cassette walkman, before this upcoming week of cold with snow (we better get moisture! we're SO dry).
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