October 20, 2015

Bear . . . Again

Treed Bear next to our house!
My first blog, my beginning of this blog, years ago . . . was posting of a bear. Every year we see bears. I've had these pictures on my desktop for awhile and figured I'd get this post done with.

Monte and his brother Mike treed this bear in September. This tree is but a number of feet from the north side of our house, out Monte's office door, and next to the chicken coop.

We might occasionally see a bear in the summer, tho usually in the fall. One year I walked out our front door and a bear stood up, right there in front of the garage door. Kinda put a damper on the rest of summer   . . . Like did any of us camp out in the meadow or the bunkhouse again?

Bear at compost bin (wood bear statue on the front porch)
Walking down to my lower garden I have to walk a bit in the woods to get to the gate (we have a 6 foot fence to keep the elk out) and thinking of a bear possibility, I did not want to scare it, so knew I needed to make noise. I decided to sing without much thought as to what - "Bears eat oats, and Does eat oats, and little Lambs eat ivy ..."

They don't seem to be attracted to the compost bins, tho this one the following day checked it out.

Usually not till the end of summer, when the bears are trying to fill up before hibernation, do we see a bear in the back yard (which is surrounded by an electric fence to keep deer and elk out). It must smell the bird suet.

I was at the kitchen counter  and out the corner of my eye . . . I was thinking . . . "that's a mighty big bird!" A bear at the bird feeder! This feeder is only a foot away from the window. A little too close!

Bear at bird feeder next to window!
I scared that bear away! Yelled at it. And it proceeded to walk over the front porch. I thought it had gone, but not long after, I realized it was out back, on the back deck, where the suet was and more bird feeders.

It had downed the suet and feeders, rolling them around to lick up all the seed. I scared it away. Going out, I saw that it had left a mess . . . along with a dump!

Bear dump and downed, emptied, old bird feeder that's survived bear for years!
I've not put the bird suet back out for a month and no return of the bear!
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