August 13, 2012

Combined Blogs

I've not posted on any of my blogs for months. Yes I typed "blogs" - plural. I wrote almost daily for several years at Karey's Contemplations, which was Karey's Overflow originally, at (which I still want to create a web page for). Karey's Overflow became more textile art oriented, and then I created Karey's Kitchen. But now I want to post whatever ... So I combined all my blogs back into one and renamed and redesigned it (maybe I just like creating blog looks!). So here I am ... and here you are ...

New Blog Banner
I've not posted anything since last April. It got busy around here. We had a wedding in our Aspen Grove - on the edge of the woods on one side, and the meadow and my lower garden on the other side (going to have to post some pictures). Now everyone is married. Now we have four grandchildren: 2 boys and 2 girls - all three and under. I'm still occasionally teaching felting related classes. I want to write two books right away - another cook/ recipes for life book, and Cycle of Celebrations - which I've blogged on.

I'll end on that note.

I will start writing and posting. I have taken pictures of lots of kitchen exploration and homemaking recipes and techniques. I need to describe what "Homemaking Beyond Maintenance" means to me ... but would love to hear what that phrase might mean to you?

I might as well add pics of my other three blog banners I designed, just to have them all displayed in one place ... and they are connected to this blog's title.

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