November 26, 2009


A friend sent this ...

God is a tagger on the walls of nonexistence.

You and everything are the four dimensional graffiti of God.

God writes his name a thousand different ways, not as an egomaniac

but to claim the emptiness

on the walls of nonexistence.

There is another who hates the color – says the walls are his-

who works to strip all of it clean into nothingness

or to at least sandblast that name unrecognizable.

but He who showed up as the art and the artist,

scandalous scrawny four dimensional spray can manifestation of outrageous word-shapes

was Himself sandblasted and stripped on the wall of nonbeing.

He took his name and the art to the other side of the wall, claiming it forever

color reaching us from the inside, we hang with Him, the name which is written a thousand

different ways.

still somewhere obliterated on this side, we spray it back, knowing who we are.

- from "a Denver Book of Prayer"
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