August 17, 2009

Future Blogging?

People have been asking "Where are you Karey?" or like Travis yesterday, as Monte and him were laying tile in their master bathroom, "Mom, you've not posted in a long time." "I'm thinking I'll leave people wondering for awhile."

Yes, I'm busy with enjoying summer outside. I think I'm done purchasing plants and once I move some things around for thinning and spreading out the thick ground covers to places needing some, I'm done with gardening. Last night went down to 35 degrees which is unusual for this time of year - more like September, so it saddens me to think things can freeze soon!

Company has been pretty continual right now, so feeling like the front door is a revolving door, and sheets and towels cycling too. Also lots of juggling of schedules going on right now. So feeling too full elsewhere to write here.

My artist friend Sarah Sams and me (need any graphic arts, painting, sculpting, interior decorating done? she can do it!) made the Sculpey dough labels for my herbs.

I'm about ready to resurrect an art form I did years ago - batik. Got the wax and dyes. Cleaned the garage and found my tools (the garage is looking so nice! I did mention at one time way back in this blog that going to yard sales often frustrated me cuz I'd be too distracted by peoples super clean garages! - Monte made more shelves over the freezers and now all my cookbooks, 'potion & lotion', gardening, etc books are at my fingertips.)

What's here on my blog connected to the calendar - primarily church history and jewish calendar - is going to be put in book form. I've been working on that too. Since I've downloaded so many pictures from the internet, something's going to have to change - can't take the time dealing with all those copyright issues. Soooo... since I AM an artist and can draw ... I'm toying with doing my own illustrations. That'll be work, but fun and fulfilling.

AND that poses another issue, what now? I do love to write, but don't want to just post "dear diary" happenings. Where do I go from here? What might be a new look and focus? Any ideas?

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