July 8, 2009


I just can't seem to write blogs these days. I am still gardening and enjoying the out-of-doors. Our summer is finally here - it sure was a cool soggy June. I've been sitting out at my table under the umbrella reading and enjoying the fruits of my efforts, still dreaming more (since some areas are still being finished - like the collapsed side of the hot tub, tho finished with drainage pipe and rock and beds finished, is not yet planted and still oozing out the drainage pipe), and I'm enjoying my bird sanctuary - keeping my eyes posted for a western tanager siting - rare.

Reading? Have had some library books on gardening, and the one's I'm actually reading are in connection with art and artists. Like many artists created gardens, like Monet for one. Understanding the color wheel and showing garden examples of it has been thought provoking for me. Another library book I'm reading is Why Faith Matters by David J Wolpe.

Here's a quote from it, quoting Einstein:
"Science without religion is lame,
religion without science is blind."

And another from Kierkegard:
"Life is lived forward
but can only be understood backward."

We did go spend 4th of July weekend at Travis and Sarah's and need to sort through all the pictures taken that day. Heather is still in California with Bill's family and his brother's funeral is this Friday. They're in a furnished house on a military base there rather than a hotel - cheaper and nicer. I haven't heard from her lately so will need to call.

Hope y'all are enjoying your summer.
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