January 6, 2016

Feast of Epiphany

This year's Christmas tree with my felted "Gift of the Magi" picture on the wall
Today, the Feast of Epiphany, is symbolized and enacted by three important men who fell to their knees, finding themselves seduced by the vulnerability of God--sleeping in straw among the animals. Epiphany is the "Self-Manifestation" of God. It is the twelfth day of Christmas.

Do you put away your Christmas decor right after New Years Day? Many do after Epiphany. There has been a year I waited until February 2, the day Jesus was brought to the temple and old Simeon recognized the baby as the "light of the world".

Pinecone decor in the windows
My decor is still up and being enjoyed. I do usually leave my pinecone adorned windows in place till Valentines Day.

My kitchen with my pinecone and fir tree greenery on the windows
My wool "bean bag" Nativity
I don't put my bean-bag creche away. We have 9-10 foot ceilings in our great room and for the rest of the year it's put on the high book shelf that runs around the room. Like Easter, Christmas and Epiphany may be a day on the calendar, but they are with me in my heart year round!

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